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Why LED is the future?
No Mercury
No Heavy Metals
RoHS Complaint
Completely Recyclable
Solid State Device
Efficiency in light & energy (50-80%)
Ideal for Solar Panels
Complete color basket including Red, Green, Yellow, Amber, Blue, Warm White, Cool White
ZERO Ultra Violet & Infra Red Radiation
  • Nominal heat thus saving expensive Air Conditioning.
  • Small size means any location and easy manupulation of light.
  • Can be used for under water, under sea applications.
  • Long life (10 times of CFL) means no need for replacement in almost 10 years.
  • Operates at low voltage, hence safe to handle.


Cove Lighting
6LED & 12LED DownLighter
5PL Lamp & 5CFL bulb
Street Light Specifications
Street Lights



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